This video shows a cute tame fox who is living like a dog. Foxes live everywhere except in Antarctica and rural settings. They are well known wild animals before but now it seems like they’re not a threat anymore. They originally came from Britain, United Kingdom. It came from a family of dogs, wolves and jackals but unlike those animals, foxes are not pack animals. They mostly hunt and sleep alone; quite familiar with cats. The fox is most active by night; its pupils can help them to see in dim light. Like cats, they hunt the same way. They stalk on its prey. Well still, some part of their inside body are just like dogs, they are family oriented, playful, curious and friendly. They love balls that’s why they keep stealing golf balls from golf courses.


Geographical range of any animal, red fox has the widest order of Carnicova. They can create 40 different sounds and few of them can be heard in the song of “What does the fox say?” The fox greatest threat is, they carry diseases just like rabies.  So if you’re planning to take care of a fox, you must be aware of it. You might also add to your list that they can live for 14 years and you don’t need to worry about their food because they mostly eat anything, even spiders. They also hide food to eat later.





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