True and sincere friendship is something you can not buy, it is something you cherish most of all and something we all need in our lfie. Not all people are that lucky to have friends. We all have pals, buddies and people we just like to hang out with. But friendship is more than just hanging out. It is a big happiness to find your real friend.
You trust your secrets to this person, he/she knows more than anyone else does about you, sometimes friend knows even better than you what you need in some moments. You know that your friend will always support you, give you an advice, never betray you. Of course we all argue with friends, sometimes we get mad. But it doesn’t last long. And then you again have fun and enjoy each other’s company.
SO what happens when you have been friends with someone for  ages?
– you never inform each other about your arrival, you just go visit your friend when you want it
– you never ask permission for eating anything from refrigerator
– you always make severe jokes on each other
-you know everything about their lives
– you always can account on his help
-you are never bored when together
– you do not need to feel in pauses, you feel comfortable just reading together or walking in silence
– no matter, how long you have been apart, you will always be happy to see each other and will always find what to do
People, if you have best friends, appreciate them and pray God so that your close ones will always be healthy, happy and will always stay by your side!

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