models anorexiaa

Magazines are full of pictures of beautiful women, clothes designers also show us what modern women should look like and what measurements they should have. Many girls now try to look like models. But they do not know that models’ pictures are photoshopped, that most of the models suffer from anorexia, some even die right during the show. Anorexia is a desease of gastrointestinal tract, when girl can not eat even simple food. This is caused by severe desire to be slimmer. Anorexia strikes girl’s mind. And it can’t be cured even with the time. Doctors, people and parents all over the world are worried and concerned with this problem. Because anorexia has become not just a desease, it has become a pandemia which strikes more and more people every day. Some designers now do not invite skinny models to their shows, they need slim women with appetizing curves. They need their models to be healthy. We all need our new generation to be healthy. In order to help solve this problem a  new ad campaign warning of the dangers of anorexia produced provocative photos of what a real woman would look like if the sketches were representative of real  life
Girls should understand that they can also be beautiful when they are healthy, happy and not skinny


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