Wife gave a surprise gift to her husband and his fiancé two years after she died. How did she do this, you may ask?
Brenda Schmitz is a mother of four in the quite town of Des Moines in the state of Iowa. She wrote a letter to their local radio station, Star 102.5 FM two years ago. The radio station had a special “Christmas Wish” program at that time and Brenda had a special Christmas gift that she wants to impart to her love ones especially to her husband. Brenda has an ovarian cancer and she was about to die any time soon. However, she did not want her husband, David, to feel uncomfortable of thinking of remarrying again after her passing because of the feeling of guilt. However, she wanted to make sure that her husband could find someone before making him aware of the letter that she made for him and for his new love and so she asked her friend to send it to the radio station when he did find someone else. What he received touched his heart as well as his fiancé to whom she proposed this past summer and indeed it was an amazing Christmas gift for both of them.

Brenda never got to meet his husband’s fiancé but she got to make her presence felt to her by including her in Brenda’s Christmas wish. The following is the list of the three wished Brenda made for them:
1. Something that would pamper Jane, David’s fiancé.
2. Magical trip in some place where they get to bond as a family and enjoy each other’s company
3. Party night full of drinks, fun and food for the nurses and doctors at Mercy Medical Center where she was admitted and treated well.

Brenda also left a gift message to the boys of her life, David and his 4 sons, and to David’s fiancé and her kids if ever she had. It said that she love them very much and wished them safety in a world full o sufferings.

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