Advertisement campaign on its peak!!!

Will Ferrell’s movie Anchorman 2 has started a revolutionary change how movies can be marketed. Marketing a movie can affect the movie business and every other movie wants to market their movie somehow uniquely which can strike people’s mind.

In the latest promotional stunt Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) appears on KXMB-TV which is a real local newscast in Bismarck, North Dakota where he co-anchors the CBS affiliate’s broadcast following the Alabama-Auburn game.

Actor and comedian Will Ferrell read the news in its witty and banter ways and captivated the news team as well as the audience.


Ferrell told that, this has been the most comprehensive amount of material I’ve ever participated in.

The online video is of 30 minutes, has Burgundy’s ingenious and creative Newsuem as well as some flavor of commercials of course. It has gained an immense popularity on social media and people are going gaga over it.

It has been considered a non conventional way to promote a movie where the actor broadcast the news while staying in his character. He even told his female co-anchor Amber Schatz that she is looking lovely and whether she is married or not in true Ron Burgundy fashion. When she responded she is not then he said “well I am, so don’t get any ideas” and his fellow broadcaster burst into laughter.

This worldwide campaign is led by the studio Paramount Pictures and the digital focused shop Zemoga but creatively organized by the Anchorman 2’s talent. Everybody deserves a huge round of applause From Will Ferrell to Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner and the folks behind the camera.

Well everybody was expecting Ferrell to end with his “Stay classy” tagline but he missed it and when prompted he ends up saying “What? Am I supposed to read that?”

You can watch the entire broadcast video here

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