The nature is strange and equally amazing. Ecology and its balancing facts may escape the common eyes but the impact of each and every thing that happens in the world is not only astonishing but also surprising. Wolves which are violent and a blood thirsty animal can actually save a river and at the same time peaceful deer can harm the environment. The logic, scenario and nature of the environment are way to beyond of common sense sometimes.

Many people will be aware of what happened in the Yellowstone National Park in United States. The river was dying, tress was vanishing from the park, so was the charm of the wild life. The chain of the ecology seemed to be unbalanced. The authorities made some spectacular decision which changed the fate of the park. The Park was reintroduced with some Wolves in the park after long 70 years. The introduction of the wolves created a chain of reactions. The high proportion of deer got reduced as wolves hunted them down. With the decreasing number of deer, plants become more prominent, berries and other fruits were again visible. Birds came from various lands so did beers. The park suddenly became greener, and much more effective. The change was visible, the impact that wolves created on the park just grown larger and larger with each passing day.

The biggest impact that the wolves created on the park was on the river. The river which was facing unprecedented death was suddenly become charming again. The water flow increased, so did the depth of the river. The river was alive again. While understanding the reason, it was found that the magic of wolves have reinserted life in the river. The course of time was changed by an animal which just killed others with its sharp teeth. The more trees and vegetation near the banks of the river made the bank and trench of the river strong. The grip of the river was firmed again and so was the amount of water in the river.

The magic of the environment and nature is unexplainable. Mother Nature needs everything in right proportions. If something exceeds she will cut it short to keep the system intact and working

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