Every day, Sarah Massey heard divided opinions about her body. Sarah has a bottom which is 7ft wide and proud of it. She says different people view her bottom differently. There are those who think that it is a fake since she has a small frame above, there are others who see it as gross and others yet embrace her physique and like her. She has found out that older men are more likely to accept her large bottom and some ask for photo sessions with her.

Record-breaking rear: Sarah Massey shows off her seven foot wide posterior while cooking at home

Her large size has led her into a few problems though and some few laughs. She says she once broke a toilet seat, just by sitting on it. She has difficulty doing some basic house chores and mobility is an issue too. Car seatbelts have a hard time providing her with safety as well and doorways are a tight squeeze to get through. Her wardrobe is the biggest casualty in all this since she has to get outfitters to make clothes that are a good fit for her – most clothes shop have nothing that can hold her bottoms in.

Problems: But the mother-of-two admits she suffers from limited mobility caused by her vast posterior

Massey who now lives in Chicago, USA got married to a husband who is 10 years older than her and they are blessed with two children. The big-bottom gene runs in her family and she had to embrace it. In her schooling years, she was called names that belittled her due to her huge rear though she somehow rose above that.

The mother of two sons has an exercise program she uses to regulate her weight, though she admits that she has her lapses. People come out to exercise with her too. When she took pictures of herself to document her weight-loss and a photographer friend put them on Facebook, they went viral and now she is a sort-of a model.

Older: Sarah says her bottom attracts men years older than her, including Albert (left), the father of her sons

Her biggest mission in life now is to use her big bottoms and inspire other well-endowed ladies to accept their curves and be proud of them too. She says she wants all women to feel beautiful and happy, no matter their size.

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