From love story to mystery to discovery, WWII widow remains devoted


She fell into a whirlwind romance and married a man.  After six weeks of marriage, they got separated brought about by the World War II.  For a long time she was clueless on her husband’s whereabouts and remained unmoved, waiting for any news about her husband.  Until now…

After 68 years of searching, Peggy Harris of Vernon, Texas, discovers the truth regarding her lost husband.  It was mind-boggling why the information arrived to her later than expected but what is more important was that she was able to find the answer to the question that has been haunting her for more than six decades.

First Lieutenant Billie Harris was one of the Americans who were drafted to fight for the liberation of France.  It was a tough decision and mission for Bile Harris especially for the fact that he has to leave his wife after six weeks of being together as a married couple.

All Peggy Harris wanted was just a complete closure.  She just wanted answers to have a complete closure and peace of mind knowing her husband was in a secure place.  At first, she received reports that Mr. Harris was missing.  Afterwards, news came in that he was alive and was to come back home.  She was ecstatic hearing this, but then again, her hopes vanished when she acquired a letter declaring that he was in fact killed and was buried at a particular cemetery.  But by the time she accepted this news, a report resurfaced and stated that it may not be the remains of her husband after all.  After years went by, her frustrations added up.  She wrote to their congressman repeatedly to ask for assistance for so many years but it was all in vain.

Finally, with the help and efforts of Alton Harvey, Billie’s cousin, they were able to trace and locate where Billie’s remains where buried.  Peggy religiously sends flower to the grave of her dearly beloved husband in Normandy, France making up for the lost years turning her husband’s grave the most decorated of all.

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