Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-wife seems to be out of herself and going nuts as she gets a gun from her vagina over a dispute over aliens. According to the police report, a New Mexican woman was said to have pulled a silver handgun out of her vagina and pointed it at her lover. Before the hair-raising incident, they were allegedly performing a sexual act as the women was wearing a lingerie and when out of the blue, they had this argument about aliens and outer space, that is when the woman retrieved her gun to threaten her boy toy.


Cormac McCarthy is known for his award-winning novels like “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men” and is in fact a Pulitzer Prize awardee . That is why; it came to a shock to the public when the news about his just recently divorced wife’s scandal went to the newsstands. People may connect this to the scene in one of his book,” The Counselor”, wherein a woman was portrayed making love with a car.

The woman is named Jennifer McCarthy, on her late 40’s and is an artist by profession. In a detailed report, Jennifer McCarthy had this argument about space aliens with her boyfriend on his early 50’s. The name of the guy was not revealed by the Sheriff’s Office of the Santa Fe County. McCarthy, however, did admit that she indeed held a gun as they continue to yell at each other in the Sheriff’s office.

The guy relayed to the investigators that after the argument about aliens, McCarthy left their place and when she came back, she went directly to her bedroom and emerge out on lingerie with a handgun in her vagina. What followed was so bizarre as she apparently was having intercourse with the gun. After the awkward moment, she then pointed the gun to his head and blurted out “Who is crazy, you or me?”. Fortunately, he was able to steal the gun from her and safely threw it to the toilet.

Crazy things really happen in this world!

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