A surprising news that a woman was detained today for piercing to death three customers at a Chicago-area Wal-Mart for protecting the stock’s last X-Box One. Her name was Mary Robbins. She has two children. She allegedly struggled her competitors to the pulverized before seriously cutting them with a sharpened Phillips head screwdriver. We have not heard the victim’s names yet. It is assumed that they will contain a sociology student at Northwestern University. Among them one is a chemistry teacher at local high school. And the another one is an expectant woman. She was purchasing a system for her brother.

In that time the situation had become violent. Most of there had been very much shocked by the scene. Police recognized her license plates on the store’s shadowing camera. Robbins announced from a Cook County jail cell that she would do the same thing again. Because, her little Dustin is going to take an X-Box for Christmas this year. She also proclaimed that none can take that away from her little Dustin. The police also can’t do that. She declared that shopping was not a pastime for her. She took it as a war. For that she had to devote a slight time behind bars. She told that she didn’t rotten out. She had fought hard for her family and she was proud of that. Esoteric a local Board, the demented customers had lost what was rest of their attentions. We came exterior and the Quinoas were burnt to the crushed by angry customers. A shopper told without mentioning his name that he thought the target had ran out of some kind of toaster. An observer told that an old lady had beaten a kid with her purse in order to get the last toothbrush container. Saying, kids will expire making this jumble than they do ordering it.

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