Women who given equal paycheck as their male counterpart usually have a hard time finding husbands.  This is according to Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative activist and founder of the Eagle Forum which is a “pro-family” organization.

After the Senate Republicans generally blocked the issue on the Paycheck Fairness Act, Phyllis Schlafly claimed that giving women equal pay for the same workload as men would hinder any of their chances of finding a suitable partner in a publication of a certain Christian Post op-ed.  Schlafly has long been an challenger of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Schlafly further added that since majority of the women population prefer choosing and marrying a man who earns more money than her, minimizing the gender pay gap would lead to a number of women having a hard time securing a husband of the said qualifications.  Men on the other hand, she argued, do not have similar preference for their prospect wife and is in fact prefers the opposite.

Therefore, the difference between these sexes has a profound and powerful effect on the pay gap.  Women prefer to marry a higher-earning mate while men prefer to be the higher-earning person in a particular relationship.  In addition to that, Schlafly noted that women do not have the rights to have the same pay as men because they generally work few hours per day and place a higher value on satisfying working condition such a clean, air-conditioned and comfortable office plus co-workers who are practically congenial.

Schlafly then wrap upped her claims saying that the only way to empower and motivate women is to improve the job prospects of men even though it entails increasing the pay gap.

Most of the public though reacted on the claims of Schlafly saying these do not have any concrete basis and proof at all.

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