Modern women do not have to be always on the defensive end. They should be able to do some things without having to justify their actions to anyone. Here is a list of the top things most women want to do and not explain to anyone.


First is when they put themselves first, instead of thinking of others. This is followed by the amounts of food they eat, whether it is too little or voluminous. Next is the question of whether whatever they are eating is healthy or not, followed by the two opposites of either having baby fever or not having it.


They completely do not have to explain whether they are having sex with any one (this is a real pain to do), as well as their escapades when it comes to explorations they could have done with fellow ladies. They consider these escapades a ‘girly’ thing just like wearing a skirt and feel that it is their God-given right to enjoy them.


When it comes to their appearance, the way they look, the use of makeup, the clothes they wear and their weight matters are what they want unquestioned. Women would rather make apologies to themselves for apologizing to you about their appearance.


Relationships and emotions are another area. Here, women want the decisions they make about advancing or ending relationships respected. They additionally prefer to be allowed to be emotional when it warrants and be steel-hearted as required without being judged.


Whether a woman is getting married while young or not should not also concern folks. There are social rules and deadlines that women do not want to confine themselves to, such as marriage ages and bearing of children. Fitting into other peoples’ timelines is a hassle for most women who want to advance in life at their own pace.


Lastly are the imperfections women have. Women prefer not having to justify the imperfections they have or try to trade them off with something else that they are good at. They do not want to be caught in tight spots when you say something like ‘you have a beautiful face, despite being a little heavy’. No, say the first part of that sentence until the word ‘face’ and leave the ‘despite’ bit.


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