America’s largest retail store-Walmart is facing big issues these days relating to poor customers services and poor staffing. The Walmart’s experience for people has been very chaotic and unpleasant due to this! Let us hear straight from a Walmart’s worker who explains the retail giant’s poor customer services.


At first the worker explains people complaining about no service person to attend them when they come to sop at Walmart. His is because of some weird management practices that are followed in the store. Walmart’s office gives the store manager some fixed amount of hours and payroll dollars from which the manager hires his workers to attend customers for his department. The worker explains that Walmart’s customer service strategy works on the sales figures on the same day in the previous fiscal years. Didn’t get? Well, it’s like this! If it was a Friday the previous fiscal year and due to heavy snow there were no sales, so this time even it is Saturday and sunny there will be no customer services as there was no business the previous year on the same day!

In short, Walmart believes that if you want a good customer service you need to earn them enough business to help them hire a service person for you in the mart. Well, it’s really amusing and cheap tactics from this billion dollar company. Moreover, the other strategy is that is customers have no one to attend them they will roam the larger area of store and might end-up buying more things which come under their eye.

Secondly the worker explains why nobody knows whenever a customer asks for a particular thing. What Walmart does is that is pays its assistant and store managers $80K and $20K in order to reduce service people and cut payrolls. Well, this way it’s pretty obvious that you are going to find very less people to attend you and guide you properly. Moreover, Walmart has made the laws for its employees so stringent that if a worker is late even by a minute from his/her lunch break, he/she will be straight away fired without any notice under the tag of “time theft” or “lack of productivity”.

Well, with all these, we can say that the big fat daddy of the retail industry has swollen up a bit and we as customers are the end suffers. It goes with the old saying “it’s always the customer and common man who suffers!”

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