The world will end on a Saturday as a Viking calendar predicts. According to the Nordic folklore, the end of the world will occur after a three long freezing winters with no summers in between.
It seems that the world will end soon if we base it to the claim of the Nordic folklore. The two summers that just passed have been cold and wet and the end seems inevitable. The countdown for the apocalypse is up and the assertion that the Ragnarok, also known as the Twilight of the Gods, is coming to get us is a subjective idea.
The world will end soon but the people in York, England are embracing the idea. In the aforementioned place, the Jorvik Viking Center helds its annual Viking Festival. They even have a website complete with a Viking calendar as well as a countdown until the world will end in order for you how much time is left for spoilage and destruction of civilization before death succumbs. Guess what? The world will end on the last day of the festival!

Danielle Daglan, the festival’s director, said that the Viking Festival is an event that should not be underestimated. He added that there have been a lot of predictions already such as the Mayan and several others which predicted dates of when the world will end by a handful of visionaries, seers, and fortune tellers in the previous couple of years. Everything has passed without anything happening at all. Daglan was however certain that Heimdallr, the guardian of the Bifrost (the rainbow bridge from the world of the gods to the world of men), blew the Gjallerhorn last year. Gjallerhorn is a mystical horn that predicts the coming of the end of the world.

However, the rest of the world seemed to busy with other relevant matter to bother and consider this revelation.

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