We all have that moment wherein in the middle of an examinations, we just black out.  Nada! No idea or answer comes to mind no matter how hard we studied and no matter how easy the question may seem to be.  Instead of giving up, some people will always find an answer no matter how stupid it may seem to be, hoping that the teacher may see the effort.   Perhaps they simply do not want to leave a blank unanswered and therefore opt to provide an answer just for the sake of it.   These moments call for our imagination to function or push us to pray just to provide us with any divine intervention.

And there are just times that the questions that are being asked are plainly stupid in itself making you think that indeed it does deserves a stupid response!  It is funny how the minds of the people work. The following is a gallery of pictures of witty and clever answers from real and genuine test papers.  Enjoy and have a good laugh!

test-answers-that-are-totally-wrong-but-still-genius-91.  Hakuna matata!  No worries indeed!

3rd pic2.  Such a  Smart-ass! test-answers-that-are-totally-wrong-but-still-genius-30 3.  It made sense somehow! test-answers-that-are-totally-wrong-but-still-genius-74.  Yeah!He is right! test-answers-that-are-totally-wrong-but-still-genius-205.  Say what?! Such a witty answer! 16.  What would the teacher be thinking after reading this?  He might be either fuming mad or laughing his ass off by then. 27.  At least he is an honest young boy. 38.  Oh! We got a bad ass over here. 49.  Such a smart kiddo.  It really made me think hard! 510.  Abraham Lincoln’s reaction would be epic kid! 11 11.  Aw..That is just harsh! 1212.  I can feel the rage! 1413.  Perhaps she was not an effective teacher then. 1514.  If you’ll answer like that, maybe he/she will hurt you. 1315.  Just taking things literally! 1616.  The parrot is sad because of the exclusion! 1717.  Love is the strongest force on earth! 1818.  That is just right! 1919.  Amazing brain! 2020.  Yeah! It is just there! Here are other equally funny images of insane test answers: 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

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