An Eye-opener image indeed! An x-ray showed what seemed to be a bottle stuck inside one person’s rear.  To make things worse, it also appeared that he attempted to use a hooked wire to pull out the bottle for it also got trapped into his rear as well as show on the x-ray image.



The man in question went to A&E located in Fuzhou, China with stomach pain complaints but when doctors requested that x-ray be performed, they were in shock when they received the result and saw that there was a bottle inside the man’s abdomen.  The man however admitted that he inflicted the bottle inserting incident himself and nervously attempted to remove the bottle using a hooked wire but it was all in vain.  Because he failed to remove the two objects inside his body, he decided to seek the help of medical experts to avoid any further complications.  The incident was embarrassing for the man that was why he reported only of stomach pain complaints instead of admitting right away of his actual dilemma.

The Chinese man requested that his name be undisclosed for privacy purposes.  Doctors assigned were forced to perform an immediate operation to remove the bottle and the curved piece of war that got stuck inside his anus.  They further discovered that the foreign objects caused some scarring unto several areas of the bowel of the patient.

Bizarre cases indeed take place inside hospital and these stories makes its way to the internet realm.  I guess that is enough internet for today.

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